Arlene Pellicane-10On Tuesday, James and I had the thrill of being guests on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  We love these ladies!  Watch the segment here.

We arrived at Rockefeller Center around 9:15 am.  The young lady who checked us into the Green Room had been working at NBC for a few months.  She was happy to be at that door and so were we!

There’s nothing green about the Green Room (it’s more like orange).  It’s the room where guests wait until their segments get closer.  Of course I was so happy that Mercy Me was going to be on the show, but where were they?

Oh, there goes Hoda!  

Hoda walked by to get in studio.  I gave her a big hug and told her how excited I was about our segment!

I met Mercy Me’s wonderful publicist and she pointed out where the band might be.  I was so excited to meet two members, Bart and Robby.  We’ve loved their music for years.

photo 2While I was with Mercy Me, Kathie Lee walked through another way .  So I missed that chance to greet her, but James got to meet her.  He must have made a good impression since she introduced him later as my “apparently fantastic” husband.  (I have loved calling him that ever since!)

Going to make up, I was greeted by the nicest woman who immediately made me feel at ease.  I told her that James told me that morning as I was getting ready, “More makeup!!!”

To which she responded to James, “She looks fine.  She doesn’t need more makeup!”

The man who curled my hair was from Indonesia – which is where my parents were born.  Can you see I am feeling very at home?

photo 1When James sat in the make up chair for powder, I had to smile.  How often do you get a picture like this?  (My rockin’ publicist Ben is in the background)

After walking across the hall to use the bathroom (the studio is large and on multi-levels), it was our turn to go upstairs to wait in the room just off the set.

The producer was awesome and so great to work with.  We were hooked up with microphones…led into the studio…took a few pictures while we were waiting for our segment.

Then the countdown…TWO MINUTES!

Kathie Lee and Hoda quickly walked in, talking and laughing.  We hugged and sat down.  I told Kathie Lee how happy I was to meet her.  Just before we were on air, she asked if James snores.  I said, “No, actually I do!  But please don’t tell in the segment!”  🙂

Arlene Pellicane-7We were laughing and then BOOM, we were on LIVE!

I had been prepared to answer questions like “What does the acronym HAPPY stand for?” and “Define what you mean by a happy marriage.”  More than 6,000 Today Show viewers had taken my Happy Wife Quiz online and I was supposed to be prepared to talk about those responses.  Both James and I had rehearsed answers in our minds for days…thinking of quick metaphors, funny antedotes, and solid talking points.

But you know what?  The lines I had considered in my mind didn’t get said.  Different questions got asked.  And as I’m constantly learning, TV – especially live TV – is unpredictable and that’s okay.  In fact, it’s kind of fun!

We were thrilled that Kathie Lee asked us about the role of God and faith in our marriage.  Jesus is the center of our marriage and without Him, we certainly would not be joyful!

Arlene Pellicane-12After our segment was over, we took this picture together.  And then after hugs and thank you’s, Hoda and Kathie Lee were off to their next segment.

I wanted to bring them and the producer/staff something fun from San Diego, so I brought them Jer’s Chocolates.  They make the most amazing chocolate and peanut butter balls and bars.  They were well received since who doesn’t like chocolate?

We were walking on sunshine that day…thanking God for a great morning and opportunity to speak on behalf of happy marriages!

Arlene Pellicane-14

Arlene Pellicane

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