TheMakingofaMomsmallWhen it comes to knowing where the parenting potholes are, which roads a mom should avoid, and how to discover your coveted destination, a mentor is better than any GPS could ever be.

This quote comes from Stephanie Shott’s latest book, The Making of a Mom.  Stephanie is a speaker, author, pastor’s wife, mom to 2 adult sons, and a grandma.  She’s walked the road of a mother!  We all need help as moms, and that’s why I asked Stephanie a few questions about the value of mentoring.

We’re also giving away a copy of The Making of a Mom!  Enter by leaving a comment with a question you want to ask a mentor.  One winner will be chosen July 28.

Q:  I’d like to have a mentor but I don’t know how to ask for that help.  How do you suggest approaching another mom about the possibility of mentoring? 

It’s so simple but so hard. We have to be willing to ask.

You’re not alone if you feel awkward about approaching another mom to mentor you, but rather than ask her to ‘be your mentor’ you could ask her…

  • if she’d meet you for lunch once a week and go through a study
  • if she’d be willing to spend a few weeks teaching you how to bake her famous cookies
  • if she’d spend some time teaching you how to budget your finances
  • if she’d be open to allowing you to ask her questions about parenting

God created us for community and throughout Scripture we find mentoring was an expression of organic relationships fostered in a culture where women surrounded themselves with one another.  But we don’t live that. In our day and our culture, we live very independent lives. So, if we are going to enter into a mentor/mentee relationship, it will have to be intentionally or it just won’t happen. We are all better together, but if we are going to mentor or be mentored, we have to be willing to step outside of our own lives to find each other.

Q:  Why is mentoring something worth making time for? 

If I was taking a trip to an unfamiliar destination, I’d set my GPS and begin my journey. But a GPS won’t point out the pot holes, bumpy roads, and the ‘must see’ sites along the way. A GPS won’t hold my hand, listen to my heart, or pray with me and for me. Having a mentor for your journey is better than any GPS could ever be and making time to nurture a mentor/mentee relationship is a powerful investment in your life. Mentoring by its very nature takes time, but the benefits you receive (whether you are the mentee or the mentor) are well worth the investment.

Q:  How is The Making of a Mom a book for moms and yet a book for mentors?

My mom journey was like a messy experiment and my kids were the guinea pigs. I wrote The Making of a Mom so your mom Steph Smalljourney wouldn’t have to be. The Making of a Mom is for every mom who has ever wondered, “Am I enough?” “Will I ever get it right?” “How can I not mess up my kids when I’m such a mess?” and “What does modern day biblical motherhood look like in real life anyway?” I intentionally wrote The Making of a Mom as an in-reach and an outreach resource that could be used by mentors, ministry leaders & small group leaders.

  • Now it’s your turn to ask a question.  What would you want to learn from a mentor?  Leave your comment to enter the book giveaway of The Making of a Mom. 



Arlene Pellicane

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