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One small thing you can do to keep your marriage warm – and yes, even red hot – is to kiss for 5-30 seconds every day (remember that tip from my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband?).

My dear friend and mentor Pam Farrel has a new little book out, Red-Hot Romance Tips for Women.  Right now, you can join the Red Hot Wife Challenge on her Facebook page.

Part inspiration and part practical application, you’ll find encouraging words to help you enjoy a lifetime of red-hot romance with your husband.

Pam and Bill go from A to Z – each reading starts with a letter of the alphabet.

In the letter “P” which stands for “Passionate,” I love this piece about maximizing passion in a marriage in just 14 days (taken from Jay and Laura Laffoon, authors of He Said, She Said):

 14 Days a Year to a Better Marriage 

– 15 minutes per day of conversation (15 minutes x 365 = 4 days a week)

– 1 hour a week together (1 hour x 365 = 2 days a year)

– 4 hour date night per month (4 hours x 12 = 2 days a year)

– 2 day getaway twice a year (2 days x 2 = 4 days)

– 25 minutes of sex every 3 days (or the average of every three days based up the rhythm above) = 2 days a year

All that equals 14 days!  Doesn’t that seem doable?  And you can imagine how much more invested and passionate you would be in your marriage if you took these 14 days per year to love on your spouse.

Our number one human relationship is worth 14 days a year, wouldn’t you say?

Find more romance tips that will bring you closer in Red-Hot Romance Tips for Women by Bill and Pam Farrel and on their Facebook page! 




Arlene Pellicane

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