This year, I have found a wonderful blogger and friend Darlene Schacht at the Time Warp Wife.  I love how Darlene keeps Christ in the center of all she does.  She writes candidly with a genuine desire to encourage other wives.

Love is a Beautiful ThingShe has a new book out titled Messy Beautiful Love that I’d love for you to know about!

Isn’t it the truth that loving your husband can be messy and beautiful?

Here’s an excerpt from page 24 that I like:

Couples in love do a lot of things right, but let’s face it, we also tend to do a lot of things wrong.  Maybe they aren’t even wrong sometimes; they just aren’t the way that we’d choose to do them.  And so those little things – his leaving dirty socks on the couch or dragging sawdust into the house – can chip away at our patience day after day until we’re so angry that we don’t remember why.

The path to separation is paved by selfish ambition and pride, but when we move pride aside to make room for love as God designed it to be, we see two hearts joining together as one.  His desire for us is that we might be one in the bond of unity in the same way that we are one in the union and fellowship of Christ.  This is why “the two shall become one flesh” (Mark 10:8).

The Bible says to “Beware of the little foxes,” those little things that can erode your marriage.  Many times it’s not the monumental things that trip us up, but it’s the tiny constant drip of dissatisfaction in marriage.

So, if you feel like you need stop that drip, focus on the good in your spouse, and embrace the messy times of marriage, you will enjoy reading Messy Beautiful Love. 

As you’ll read from Darlene’s testimony, deep wounds can be repaired with God’s help.  Whether you’re mostly the offender or offended, there is grace when you humbly ask for it.




Arlene Pellicane

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