couple on red couchMy daughter Lucy definitely has physical touch as one of her love languages.  One of her favorite words when she was a toddler was “HUGGIE!”

We often engage snuggle power for our kids, but we can forget to do that for our spouse.  So this Valentine’s Day and for the days beyond, let’s remember to HUGGIE (and kissy) our husbands.

Here are a few things you can do today to activate snuggle power in your marriage today:

Hold hands.  Whenever you’re walking together, get into the habit of holding hands.  If you’re carrying things or kids, this may not be practical.  But whenever you can, grab his hand as you walk or when you’re sitting next to each other.

Steal a kiss.  I remember at church one day, James pulled me into an empty classroom and kissed me.  It only took 30 seconds but made quite an impression!  Look for opportunities to steal a kiss: in the garage before he leaves, in the kitchen when the kids are upstairs, or the backyard when he’s doing chores.

Massage his neck, shoulders, hands or feet After a stressful day at work, massages are heavenly.  Take two minutes and rub your husband’s neck and shoulders after dinner.  James also loves foot rubs at the end of the day although I think they tickle!

Touch him.  Snuggle up next to him while watching TV or a movie.  Rest your hand on his shoulder.  Grab him from behind and give him a great big bear hug.  Rub his back when he’s seated next to you.

Develop a love code.  Comedian Tim Hawkins’ friend was having a sex talk with his 13 year old daughter and she realized, “That’s what you’re doing when the doors are locked?  I thought you were talking about Christmas presents!”  So now Tim will tell his wife Heather, “Honey we need to go talk about Christmas presents!”

Go talk about Christmas presents and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Snuggle power activate! 



Arlene Pellicane

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