IMG_1645Climb into the time machine with me…

A few weeks ago, my mom produced this little gift booklet I made for my parents in 1995!

Before I was married…

Before I wrote marriage books…

Before even the 21st century….

Here were my observations about marriage from 20 years ago from a younger me:

1.  Trust one another.

2.  Let your spouse tell as many jokes as he or she wants, and laugh with them, not at them.

3.  Compliment one another daily, hourly, constantly.

4.  Greet one another with a holy kiss.

5.  The family who prays together really does stay together.

6.  Let the wife do the shopping.

7.  Talk, talk, talk!

8.  Keep being attractive to your spouse.

9.  Be your spouse’s number one fan!IMG_1646

10.  Get a good night sleep on a regular basis.

11.  Respect your spouse as a unique and favorite person.

12.  Call each other names like honey, sweetheart and babe.

13.  Grow in Christ – together.

14.  Always consult the other before bringing home an extra guest, buying something big, making Sunday plans, etc.

15.  Don’t let things simmer – forgive one another.

16.  Enjoy being together.

17.  Serve one another.

18.  Be involved in church and ministry together.

19.  Be positive, have an optimistic, hopeful view of each other and life.

20.  Go forward, have vision, cherish today.

21.  Have similar views on money.

22.  Regularly say “I love you” to your spouse.

23.  Be committed to one another no matter what.

24.  Love your children (but not more than you love your spouse).

IMG_164725.  There are Prov. 31 women and Prince Charmings alive because you’re here.

Which sayings do you most agree with?


Arlene Pellicane

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