Just the other day, a friend of ours with younger kids asked James and I for parenting advice.  One thing we talked about was the importance of a united front.

If mom says A is okay, but dad says A is off limits, it’s not only confusing for a child.  It totally erodes the leadership in the home.

Whether it’s a parenting issue or spending dilemma, one key in having a strong marriage is being a united front.  Sometimes that means compromise.  It usually means not getting your way every time.

That’s hard.  But you know, it’s worth it to consider the opinion of your spouse.  Remember your spouse is not the enemy.  The problem is your enemy and your spouse is your comrade.  (You’re on the same team!).

Here’s a great video to illustrate:

If you need some help this summer in remembering that you and your spouse are on the same team, why not read Team Us by my friend author Ashleigh Slater.

Being on the same team with your spouse will make the journey a lot more fun.  It will serve as an example to your children of what marriage can look like at its best.

No more me against you…

It’s more like me and you against the world! 

That’s Team Us!


Arlene Pellicane

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