IMG_2942My family had a huge highlight yesterday…to meet THE MAN at a concert at our home church Bonita Valley Community Church…the comedian who’s lines punctuate our home on most days…

Tim Hawkins!!!

Tim Hawkins is by far our favorite comedian.  If you’ve never heard Tim talk about conflict resolution in marriage, Chick-fil-a, or you’ve never seen his guitar meltdown, you’re gonna want to do that if you need a laugh today.

Laughter will make your home happier, your marriage easier, your kids funnier.  A few years ago, I interviewed Tim for my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband.  Here’s a quote from Tim about affirming your husband with words (and others things too):

I think if women would realize when we have earned it, we do need positive reinforcement.  Everything’s not okay all the time.  We do like to be honored in a quiet way.  We don’t need a big fanfare.  Just find out how your man likes to be honored.  Maybe it’s a quick word off to the side, “You did a great job today.”  Little affirmations go a long way (and coming to bed naked, that would be great too).

About a wife’s need for friendships, Tim says:

I think women worship their kids.  You’re not doing anyone any favors.  They [women] don’t have any friends.  It’s not good.  You lose part of who you really are if you’re so busy with your kids that you don’t have at least 1 or 2 consistent relationships with a peer.  It’s not good for your hubby.  I have seen husbands beaten down.  If the only adult person in a women’s life is the husband, he just can’t do it.  He doesn’t have the tools for conversation.  If he can’t do it, where does that leave you?  Then the wife feels like the most undesirable worthless human being and there goes the self esteem.  There goes the bedroom.  There goes everything.  So get some friends!

Great words of advice to start off the week right!

Find ways to honor your husband with your words.

Go to bed naked.

Spend time with friends who get your life.

‘Nuff said!  If you do those three things this week, you’re going to have an awesome week!

By the way, you can still listen to Tim’s interview here on my Happy Home Podcast.





Arlene Pellicane

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