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How would you like to trade the whining in your household for gratitude?

Goodbye to “Mom, why can’t I have one?  Everyone else has one!” 

Hello to “Thanks mom, but I don’t need that.  I have enough.”

What a revolution that would be!   My friend, blogger, author and non profit founder Kristen Welch has a NEW book that will start this revolution in your home.

Kristen writes:

We give our kids more because we think it will make us all feel better, but it actually places a higher value on things than on relationships.  And often our kids don’t need more stuff or more freedom; they just need more of us…

It’s hard to be content when we constantly try to keep up with latest trends and must-haves.  When we work to keep up, we are teaching our kids to look and wait for what’s coming next, and this tends to make us discontent with what we have right now.

When we overindulge our kids in these areas, we harm them more than help them.  It takes courage and consistency to delay good things now for better things later.

I totally agree!  I’m so glad Kristen has tackled this important subject for today’s parent.  We need to go against the flow and foster gratitude – not entitlement – in ourselves and in our children.

You can listen to Part 1 of my conversation with Kristen here on the podcast.   Kristen blogs at We are THAT Family.  (By the way, when you pre-order the book before January 25, you’ll receive a global family kit worth $20 and help a women halfway around the world).

Leave a comment below and include something you are grateful for today.  Two winners will be chosen on January 28 (US entries only please).


Arlene Pellicane

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