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***This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations Carrie and Jenna!***

For the entire month of March, I’m going to have a Tuesday terrific giveaway to help you have a happier home!

I’ll be writing about how these resources have helped my family.  The first giveaway is from my friend Dr. Kathy Koch who I had the pleasure of speaking with at Hearts at Home.  

This Week’s Giveaway:  8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child’s Intelligences by Dr. Kathy Koch 

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Every parent can use this new book by Dr. Kathy Koch!  When we talk about kids being smart, we’re
usually talking about test scores, advanced classes, and straight A’s.  But Dr. Kathy shows us that there are many ways that a child can be smart.

8 ways to be exact: 

  • Body smart
  • Logic smart
  • Music smart
  • Nature smart
  • People smart
  • Picture smart
  • Self smart
  • Word smart

As you recognize these abilities, you begin to see them at work in your children.  My middle child Noelle is picture smart.  While sitting in church listening to our pastor talk about going the second mile as Jesus taught, Noelle drew a path with mile markers.  When she writes her spelling words, she writes them five times, each time in a different color.  She thrives when she is drawing, coloring and doodling.

IMG_0226Little Lucy is body smart.  Even though she’s the youngest, she picks up on things and can roller blade, ski, ice skate, wrestle and spar kids that are bigger than her.

My oldest Ethan is word smart.  His creative fictional essay about a Jew hiding in Corrie Ten Boom’s home won first place for all 5th and 6th graders in the state of California.

What about your children?  Reading Dr. Kathy’s book will help you understand these smarts and nurture them in your children.  You’ll build confidence in your kids as they lean into their God given gifts.

I’m giving away 2 copies of 8 Great Smarts this week!  Just leave a comment below of a “smart” you think your child has.  Two winners will be chosen next Monday.  US entries only please.

And remember…you are also very smart (and don’t let your kids tell you otherwise!).



Arlene Pellicane

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