James and I had the time of our lives aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Sea for the very first Cruise to a Happy Marriage!

This maiden voyage was special for many reasons.  It was our first cruise and first time in the Caribbean.  It was the first Cruise to a Happy Marriage and I strongly believe this cruise is going to help many couples in the years ahead.

We were surprised by God on many levels…

Surprised to be invited to speak (how fun is that?)

Surprised to enjoy making new friends so much (it’s more than just a romantic getaway)

Surprised by the impact of the cruise on the couples attending (from worn down and broken to refreshed and ready for life in one amazing week!)

One of the other speakers Joel Malm said,

A change of pace, a change of place leads to a change of perspective.

I encourage you to schedule in a marriage getaway in the next year.  Because it’s really true that a change of pace and place leads to a fresh perspective.  Put a getaway on your marriage resume in next 12 months.

And…I would highly recommend you consider going on a future Cruise to a Happy Marriage.  I’ll post again when dates and locations are set for next year.


We have decided that cruising with a conference/ministry/group is the best way to go!  After cruising for a few days, you’ve exhausted the sights and activities on the ship and you’re looking forward to having great conversations with new friends at dinnertime.  We made new friends for life and that was such a blessing.

A marriage cruise connects you with other couples who want the same thing as you.  Those shared values lead to some pretty amazing friendships.  By the last day, you realize you’ll really miss running into your cruise peeps at the buffet, pool, theatre, mini-golf, etc!

Cruise to a Happy Marriage…indeed it was!


Arlene Pellicane

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