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What is something your husband would just love?

I heard an Audible commercial recently where the man was jogging and listening to a romantic Nicholas Sparks book.  I think that ad was targeted to women.  Wouldn’t we all love to have a fit, handsome man who jogs to love stories?  But hello, most men don’t function that way (and actually that’s a good thing).

What you may love for Valentine’s Day may not be what he would love (although I do think chocolate is appreciated by both genders).

What would your husband appreciate?

A bag full of kisses.  Fill a bag with slips of paper that say things like, “quick kiss on the lips” or “slow, deep kiss” etc.

An act of service.  Have his car washed.  Take his clothes to the dry cleaner before he can do it.

A coupon for a screen-free weekend.  Maybe your spouse has complained about your phone use.  Set up a weekend without Wifi and enjoy each other’s company.

A neck and body massage.  Go to a massage place or give your husband the massage.

An overnight getaway.  Make plans to visit a nearby hotel for a 24 hour getaway, just the two of you.

A love note.  Write a note listing the reasons you respect your husband.  “I respect you because….”

Make your spouse the main focus of your attention on Valentine’s Day.

I remember one Valentine’s Day years ago when I gave gifts to our three children, notes, chocolates, etc.  I’m not even sure if I got James anything besides a card.  James asked, “Since when is Valentine’s Day mainly about the kids?”

He was right!  Make your spouse the main attraction on Valentine’s Day.  Don’t worry…your kids will get plenty of Valentine’s Day candy and hearts and will feel special too.  If they watch you and your spouse cherish and pamper each other on Valentine’s Day, they will be more likely to grow up and do the same.

My book 31 Days to a Happy Husband can help you put the spotlight on your hubby!  

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