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A special welcome to my friends from Proverbs 31!

As we take fewer selfies and put the focus on others more, we will feel calmer and happier.  I hope you will enjoy reading my latest book Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life.

It’s designed to help you treat your phone with caution.  Remember it is supposed to simplify your life, not make it more complicated.  Many minutes and hours are wasted as we keep up digitally, while allowing our souls to rust out.  That does not have to be the case!

You can tell your phone what to do – not the other way around.

For a chance to win a copy of Calm, Cool and Connected, comment below (US entries only please).   What apps do you use most?  

Please include your email address if you are comfortable doing so…this will make it easier for me to contact you.  Otherwise check back on Monday when I’ll announce the winner.

And if you don’t have FB, no worries.  Just email me at [email protected] and put “Calm” in the subject line. I’ll know you want to enter.


Arlene Pellicane

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