The change of the calendar year brings promise of the new.

But discouragement can settle in when everything seems to go back to normal.

It does not have to be this way!  You can decide what you are going to reset in 2018.  One thing the Pellicane family is resetting is our diet.  To our children’s chagrin, we are adding more vegetables to the family table.  James’ new sayings kind of go like this:

Salad?  That’s not enough vegetables!  We need salad PLUS vegetables! 

No one leaves the table until all the vegetables are eaten! 

Who wants more vegetables?  

To my surprise, the kids are doing very well under this new regime of health and vitality.  We’ve been listening to the audio book Fast Food Genocide by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Believe me, my kids could go into a very funny diatribe about how Dr. Fuhrman is temporarily ruining their mealtimes.  Yet they understand long term the healthy foods are good for them.

I’ve found you can’t only think about the change you want to make.  You can’t just think, “I’m going to eat healthier this year.”

You have to do something!

As always, after the season of deliciousness between Halloween candy and Christmas cookies, I’ve got some weight to lose.  I think that’s the case for most of us.  Make your goals specific and measurable.  “I will lose weight” isn’t as powerful as “I will weigh 150 pounds by March 1.”

Your reset button may not be about nutrition.  You might have that area mastered.  So what is the area you need to hit the reset button in 2018?  It might be about…

Time management

Closer relationship with spouse

Kids doing chores

Bible study

Being less critical

Exercising regularly

The events of 2018 are largely unwritten.  Think about one area you want to improve and go for it.  Be specific.  Spend money to get help towards your goal.  Involve others to keep you accountable.

After awhile, these positive changes will become a habit in your life.  Believe it or not, I’m actually craving vegetables at mealtimes (thanks to Dr. Fuhrman and my health conscious husband!).








Arlene Pellicane