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My friend Dannah Gresh is here to talk about the subjects we need to know about…but sometimes we’re afraid to ask about!

It’s easier to avoid hot topics like sex, dating, short shorts, and modesty, but our children need us to talk about these topics and establish healthy boundaries and positive expectations.

Dannah Gresh is the bestselling author of 27 books and creator of Secret Keeper Girl for tweens.  She and her husband Bob have three grown children.  You will love her practical ideas about:

  • Teaching modesty to girls (what to say and what not to say)
  • How to recover from mistakes in the shopping zone
  • Passing along decision making skills from parent to child successfully
  • What to do when your child won’t wear the clothes you buy
  • When to have conversations about sex
  • When kids can start dating

I interviewed Dannah for my book Parents Rising. It has been so helpful for me as a parent to have Dannah’s expertise in my toolbox.  You are going to love this conversation!






Arlene Pellicane

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