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Are you happy with the way your children use screens?

Most parents I meet don’t say things like, “I’m so glad my son has an iPad.  He’s so productive and respectful now” or “My daughter’s phone is so great.  I never have to tell her to put it down.”

Screens tend to be a source of tension in the home.  We ask questions like, Is my child spending too much time on screens?  Why is my child so irritable after watching TV for a few hours or gaming all afternoon?  Who exactly is my child texting?

Dr. Kathy Koch, author of Screens and Teens, joins me to talk about screens and your child.  You’ll learn how you can re-think tech in your home, making sure it’s more of a blessing than a curse.  You’ll hear:

  • Why quiet is invaluable and necessary in your child’s development
  • What does research say about educational apps
  • The dangers of children placing their security in devices
  • What technology is doing to the beliefs and behavior of kids

My friend Dr. Kathy Koch is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids.  She is an international speaker and author of several books.  She has her PhD from Purdue University and lives in Fort Worth.  She is a popular conference speaker and frequent guest on Focus on the Family.  

Listen to Part 2 of our conversation next month.


Arlene Pellicane

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