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Video: Modest is Marvelous

Modest is marvelous! Right?

How can we promote girl style that’s good?

Maybe you have struggled with what to say when your daughter is wearing short shorts…or a low-cut too…or tight pants,

Ah…I have some encouragement and resources for you!

I highly recommend books by my friend Dannah Gresh like “Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens” and attending a Secret Keeper Girl event. Here are some pics of my girls at the Secret Keeper Event in Oceanside, CA.

Here’s a FB live conversation about the topic “Modest is Marvelous.”

Modest is Marvelous: Girls Style That's Good

Tight pants? Short shorts? Bare midriffs? Are you wondering how your tween/teen girl can be fashionable and modest at the same time? Let's talk! Secret Keeper Girl can help! Also I recommend Dannah Gresh's book "Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens"

Posted by Arlene Pellicane, Speaker & Author on Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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