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Too many boys are growing up without purpose.  They’re unmotivated except when it comes to video games.  Will they be ready for work after college?  How will they fare as husbands and fathers?  We all want greatness for our sons – for them to live up to their potential – and that’s what today’s Happy Home podcast is all about.

Clarence Shuler has co-authored an important book for boys with Dr. Gary Chapman.  It’s called “Choose Greatness: 11 Wise Decisions That Brave Young Men Make.”  In today’s podcast, you’ll learn:

  • That teen boys do want to connect with their parents
  • How important solid adults are in the life of your growing son
  • Best uses for technology (and when it’s better not to have it)
  • Why tech is really bad for dating
  • How to have an ongoing conversation about sex with your son
  • How single moms can find help to raise their boys

CLARENCE SHULER is the President/CEO of BLR: Building Lasting Relationships. Clarence is a counselor, speaker, and author of several books, including Winning the Race to Unity: Is Racial Reconciliation Really Working? Keeping Your Wife Your Best Friend and Single and Free to Be Me. He and his wife, Brenda, reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have three adult daughters. For more information, visit his website, ClarenceShuler.com




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