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Kids have a way of saying things adults would never say, revealing profound and sometimes even Biblical truths in their funny commentary on the world. My Happy Home podcast guest, Jon Gauger is here to remind us to pay attention and learn, yes learn, from our kids. He’s here to share about his latest book, “Kids Say the Wisest Things.”

You’ll learn…

How a toy Transformer really helped out during devotions
How adults can get better at wonder
How to slow down and really notice profound moments in parenting
Why children have so much to teach us

Jon Gauger hosts several nationally syndicated programs for Moody Radio and is an award-winning narrator of more than 45 audio books. As a journalist and speaker, he has traveled to 35 countries. From Billy Graham to Chuck Norris, Jon is totally at home hosting an interview. So I enjoyed turning the tables and interviewing him! Here’s what Dr. Tony Evans has to say about “Kids Say the Wisest Things”…

Funny stories. Make-you-cry stories. And all of them show us something about ourselves and our Savior we can never forget.

Arlene Pellicane

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