How would you like to be happier as a wife?

Let’s begin by going down memory lane.  Do you remember how happy you were when your husband proposed?  Here’s a photo of James and me the morning he proposed.  The year was 1998…and I was the happiest girl in the state of Virginia!

It’s important to remember cherished moments and to think gratefully about being a wife.  On the opposite side, culture says things like:

Marriage is a drag. 

You’re always looking after him.  What has he done for you lately?  

If you’re not happy, you can always get out. 

But we need to be reminded of the value of marriage, the worth of our man, rejoicing in the match that has been made.  I’m so happy to be talking about marriage with my friends Jim Daly and John Fuller on today’s Focus on the Family.  You can listen on the radio, online or on the podcast.  I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by it!

And remember…I have a FREE course right now to help you be happier as a mom…it’s about a video course called Screen Time: 3 Reasons Why Your Daughter Can’t Stop and it’s available right now just for you!  

Arlene Pellicane

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