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As adults, it’s hard to figure out how to live as Christians in an increasingly hostile and ungodly world.  So how can we teach the next generation to flourish in faith in this environment?  Pastor and author Champ Thornton provides insights on raising middle schoolers and teenagers to love God and live radically.  These truths about life are helpful whether you have toddlers or teens.  You’ll learn three lenses to look at life in a totally different way, both for you and your children.

Champ Thornton has pastored in South Carolina and currently pastors in Delaware.  He’s the author of several books including The Radical Book for Kids (my girls are going through it right now), Why do we say good night? (a children’s book), and Pass it on: a Proverbs journal for the next generation.  He and his wife Robben have 3 children.  Champ enjoys hanging out with family and friends, drinking coffee, listening to music, reading theology, and doing genealogical research.

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