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Social media is a part of life for many teens. How can we help our kids to use it well? How can we help our kids stay positive amidst moves, friend trouble, and bullying?

Debut author Emma Mae Jenkins joins me on this week’s Happy Home podcast. She has written about her high school experience in her wonderful book, Be Loved. Emma exudes Christ’s JOY and is here to help us parents understand our teens better. You will love this inside look into the halls of high school and into what is happening in our kids’ hearts (and how we can help them navigate turbulent times).

Emma Mae Jenkins is a social media influencer with more than 137,000 Instagram followers. She’s a writer, speaker, and YouTuber with the sole purpose of leading others into a relationship with Jesus. Her book Be Loved chronicles her journey through high school on social media and has inspired thousands of young people to live their faith freely and with courage. Her new book, All Caps You, comes out in May.

I love that Emma Mae is sweet, quirky, and has a contagious love for people.  She is rooted in God’s Word and bold as a lion.  One thing she’s known for is wearing her socks outside of her pants – it’s one way she lives out loud!  She is a wonderful person to introduce to your daughter through Emma’s books and social media.

Arlene Pellicane

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