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Do you ever feel like you start your days on empty?

Not only do we need fuel as in food. We need to start the day with Jesus in order to experience more joy in our daily lives.  Maybe you have more time than normal in the morning because you are staying at home.  Bible + breakfast can become a beautiful new rhythm during this season.

But sometimes doing regular devotions can be a source of guilt. We aren’t consistent. We don’t seem to be getting insights like others do. Our Bible moments are nothing Instagram-worthy.

Enter Asheritah Ciuciu and her new book, Bible and Breakfast: 31 Mornings with Jesus.  You’ll see that the combination of feeding the body and soul is something to celebrate and enjoy. On this Happy Home Podcast, you will learn how to:

-Overcome common misconceptions of what a quiet time is
-Start with tiny habits and the power of linking
-Include your kids in your devotions
-Reach your kids with different learning styles
-Restart when you’ve stopped for awhile.

Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer, speaker, and founder of One Thing Alone Ministries. She grew up in Romania as a missionary kid and married her high school sweetheart, Flaviu.  They have 3 young children and live in Ohio. Asheritah’s other books include Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction, and He is Enough, a 6-week Bible study of Colossians.


Arlene Pellicane

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