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Do you go to church alone (or watch alone) because your spouse isn’t a believer?

Are you in a spiritually uneven marriage?

Author Lynn Donovan understands!  In her new book, Marching Around Jericho: Praying Your Unsaved Spouse into the Kingdom, Lynn shares her prayer journey of 20 years for her husband!

You’ll be amazed to find out what happened.  Her husband wasn’t won over by guilt, Bible verses left on his pillow, or demands from his wife.  He was won over in a much more subtle and spiritual way.  You’ll learn how to pray like a wife warrior for the heart and soul of your man, without alienating him, but loving him.

Lynn has been featured on the 700 Club, Focus on the Family, and Family Life Today.  She has also co-authored Winning Him Without Words with Dineen Miller.  Lynn and her husband Mike have two children and a granddaughter.

Arlene Pellicane

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