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Wahoo!  It’s book launch day for my latest books co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman, Screen Kids and Grandparenting Screen Kids!  

Screens are part of life, but they shouldn’t be most of life…especially for kids!
On today’s Facebook live Happy Home chat, I talked about making a list of 20 good things that have happened for your family since March.
Go ahead – make that list today and then look at the list…
How many activities are screen time activities?  Probably not too many.
A few things on our highlight list:

Ultimate frisbee

Camping in the Rocky Mountains

More family time
Playing chess
Piano lessons
Volunteering at horse ranch
You can take your child on a date and make a list together.  You will probably discover that the best memories are made not on screens, but in person!
It’s time to experience more life and less screen time – these books will get you started in the right direction!
Arlene Pellicane

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