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Do you sometimes wonder where that lovin’ feeling went?

This month, we are looking at TRANSFORMATION. One of the major transformations in life is getting married.

Sparks fly when you’re dating. Chemistry comes without thinking about it when courting. Early months (or years) of marriage are filled with those silly, goofy, in-love feelings.

But as your marriage becomes more mature, the play between husband and wife can cease. How can you keep lighting that fire between you? This is a message I need myself…so I’m preaching to myself today!

Every month on the Happy Home podcast, I will share a personal message from me to you. This month, the message is titled “It May Take a Spark but My Matches are Wet.”

By the way…the 31 Days to a Happy Husband Masterclass is just around the corner! Your spot is waiting for you!

Arlene Pellicane

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