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We’re talking about transformation this month and wow, today’s podcast guests are a LIVING EXAMPLE of transformation.

Up to 20% military vets and first responders struggle with the aftermath of PTSD, depression as noted in the high rate of suicide. Quietly, today’s guest Chad Robichaux battled years of depression, PTSD, and anxiety that resulted in him leaving his family and close calls with suicide. Through finding God, recommitting to his marriage and having healthy relationships, Chad was able to change the course of his life and he is now on a crusade to help others.

Chad’s wife Kathy joins us also to share her perspective – how do you support your spouse through hard times?  When do you set boundaries and stand firm, and when do you show mercy?  How can you continue being patient through months and years?  What do you do when your dreams for the marriage die?

Chad is a former Force Recon Marine (served 8 deployments in Afghanistan) and also a champion MMA fighter.  He is the author of An Unfair Advantage. Chad and has his wife Kathy have an outreach for military vets and their families struggling with getting re-acclimated back to society, who struggle with PTSD and depression, the Mighty Oaks Foundation.



Arlene Pellicane

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