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Can anything good come out of a bad marriage?

Your marriage may seem hopeless, but perhaps there is a good chance for change.

Dr. David Clarke is here to talk about his 90 day program for couples, which is explained in detail in his book I Don’t Want a Divorce.  You’ll learn how the power of a few new routines to transform your marriage.  You may know that talking will help – but you don’t know what to talk about and how to do it in a positive way.  Dr. Clarke will help you with that!

Dr. David Clarke is a licensed psychologist with a full time practice in Florida, where he does extensive family counseling.  Dr. Clarke has written several books such as the Secret to Becoming Soulmates, Married but Lonely, and I Don’t Want a Divorce.  

I’m a big fan of Dr. Clarke’s strong marriage to his wife Sandy, and his professional work helping so many families.  I interviewed him for my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband…and the 31 Days to a Happy Husband MASTERCLASS opens registration today!


Arlene Pellicane

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