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Were you a rebellious teenager?  Or maybe you’re experiencing some sorrow right now with your teenager.

On today’s show, bestselling author Ginger Hubbard shares her personal STORY of how God drastically changed her heart as a rebellious teenager.  We’ll learn how parents can reach the hearts of their teens, no matter how far away they may feel right now.  You’ll see that Ginger, although she came from a very loving home, still made some bad choices.  How can we let our children experience the consequences of their decisions while still protecting them?

Ginger helps us answer this question and more in this honest, heartwarming conversation about a teenager who strayed and how she ultimately came home.

Ginger is the bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three, Wise Words for Moms,
and I Can’t Believe You Just Said That. She speaks at women’s events, parenting conferences
and homeschool conventions across the country, and co-hosts the Parenting with Ginger
Hubbard podcast. You can check out her parenting resources and find out when she’s speaking
in or near your area at GingerHubbard.com.

Arlene Pellicane

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