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We were made for intimacy…closeness to God and others.  We were created to know God and be known by Him.  So why do we often feel burned out, distant, or discouraged in our faith journey?

This May, we are celebrating MOTHERHOOD.  New York Times bestselling author Mo Aiken is here on the Happy Home podcast this week to talk about her new book, Fully Known: An Invitation to True Intimacy with God. 

You’ll hear about:

  • What soccer and motherhood have in common
  • How to create an atmosphere of worship – even with little ones
  • How to hunger more after God instead of the world
  • Passing along a vibrant and bold faith to your kids

Mo (Isom) Aiken’s other books include Wreck My Life and Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot.  She colabors for the kingdom within Boldlife Initiative, a ministry that exists to challenge and equip Christ followers to pursue holy and bold lives.  Mo and her husband Jeremiah live in Atlanta with their four children.

Arlene Pellicane

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