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Keeping kids safe online is getting harder and harder. Monitoring what your kids are watching and texting can be a full-time job!

So how can you equip your child to guard his or her mind when going online? Mom and author Mandy Majors is this week’s Happy Home podcast guest. She’s sharing her eye-opening story of a conversation she had with her elementary school aged daughter – and how it literally changed the trajectory of her life.

We’re thinking about MOTHERHOOD this month – we certainly have challenges because of technology that our mothers never had to face. But we are not alone on this journey as you’ll discover in today’s conversation.

Mandy Majors is the founder of the non-profit, Next Talk. They have an excellent 9-week video series titled, “Where Do I Start?” The series tackles tough topics like phone contracts, social media, porn, suicide, and gender identity. We’re talking today about her new book, Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World.

Arlene Pellicane

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