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“And they lived happily ever after…”  Are those just the words of a fairy tale?

In today’s encore presentation with Dr. David Jeremiah, you’ll learn what it really takes to stay happily married (in his case more than 58 years!).

This is one of my favorite interviews through all my years of podcasting, partly because of the great respect I have for Dr. Jeremiah and for this warm, personal glimpse we get into his successful family life.

It all starts with commitment and a heart to serve your spouse…but don’t worry, as you obey God in this way, you have a lot of fun along the way!

Dr. David Jeremiah serves as pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church. He’s a New York Times bestselling author and Turning Point radio/television/magazine teacher.  I can’t think of anyone more productive in ministry, yet somehow Dr. Jeremiah has been able to keep his family at the top of his list.  Find out how he’s done it and learn more about his life with his wonderful wife Donna.

And if you’ve never heard Dr. Jeremiah teach the Bible, you must!  Listen to Turning Point here. 

Arlene Pellicane

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