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I’m so excited to have teen expert Mark Gregston here on the Happy Home podcast this week! Besides the fact that he sports an awesome mustache and is like the Chuck Norris of family relationships – he is an amazing communicator who makes you want to understand your teens!

Do your heart a favor and listen to this rich conversation about building the ties that really last – the ones you make with your kids and your grandkids. As you’ll hear in today’s conversation:

Teens are loaded with information but starving for wisdom.

Mark Gregston started his work 40 years ago as a youth pastor and area director with Young Life.  He and his wife Jan opened their home to work with those struggling through family crises, which led to them starting Heartlight in 1989, a residential counseling center for struggling teens and families in crisis.  You can listen to his radio program and podcast, Parenting Today’s Teens here, and find out more about his newest book, Grandparenting Teens here.

Watch the video version of the podcast:

Arlene Pellicane

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