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Bullying. Cyberbullying.

You hear about it at school. You know mean kids have been weaponized with social media – able to spread rumors, snarky comments, inappropriate photos, and lies about your children with a swipe.

How can we help our children prepare to meet the bullies of life? How can we prevent our children from becoming the bully?

Dr. Brooks Gibbs is here to:

Explain what bullying is and isn’t
Help your child become emotionally resilient
Explain the genius of the Golden Rule
Equip you to be a better listener and advisor to your child

Once you listen to this podcast, you will feel empowered – not powerless – to help your child meet their bullies in school and online with confidence and even empathy.

Dr. Brooks Gibbs is a social psychologist who for 20 years, has been a passionate advocate for resilience education within the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) movement. His most significant contributions have been focused on resilience education. He is a veteran youth speaker who’s presented 2,500 speeches. His viral videos have been translated into 20 languages and amassed more than 200 million views. He specializes in teaching youth how to be emotionally resilient and inspires them to live by the Golden Rule.

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