Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas here at the Happy Home podcast!

We are counting down to Christmas in festive fashion.  Get your free 25 Days of Christmas eBook with 10 devotions (for mom and for kids), 10 easy and fun family activities, and 5 ways to serve your community.

Week 1 is all about PREPARATION.  How can we prepare room for Christ in our hearts, in our calendars, in our homes?

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In my message today from Luke 2, we consider Mary and her many inconvenient moves.  You know about her famous trip to Bethlehem to be counted in the census, but that’s not the only time she had to travel under hard circumstances.  No matter what your circumstance today, God can make a place of beauty and purpose.  As you listen to today’s podcast, you might just see yourself in Mary’s story.  You’ll also learn:

  • Why I was on top of a fence at the Dallas Botanical Garden
  • My least favorite place to live to date
  • Why Bethlehem was an unusual place for Jesus to be born
  • How two babies in the womb strengthened their famous mothers

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Arlene Pellicane

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