Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas here at the Happy Home podcast!

This is it – the final week leading up to Christmas. You can still get your free 25 Days of Christmas guide with 10 devotions (for mom and for kids), 10 easy and fun family activities, and 5 ways to serve your community. Perfect to pick out a few activities to do during the break.

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How can you enjoy more Christ this week and less crisis? Maybe you’ve tried doing a devotion but no one seemed to be listening. You’re too busy planning the party to actually feel like celebrating anything. My friend Bible teacher Melissa Spoelstra is here to connect the celebrations of the Old Testament to today, share ideas that will work in your home to mark the holiday in a spiritual and joyful way, and find some rest (even this busy week!). We’ll talk about:

5:20 Moving from duty to delight

8:20 Epic fail with family devotions

9:50 How to get your high schoolers involved at Christmas

15:50 What are elements of Biblical celebration?

21:00 The value of Sabbath.

Learn more about Melissa Spoelstra and her Bible studies

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Arlene and Melissa celebrating Christmas at the Billy Graham Library, North Carolina, 2019

Arlene Pellicane

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