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Today’s guest Bonnie Gray endured panic attacks, anxiety, and depression for years – all rooted in her traumatic childhood. As an adult, Bonnie embraced her identity as God’s beloved child, and healing began. How did she do it?  In today’s conversation you’ll learn about:

3:30 Bonnie’s birth to a mail order bride from Hong Kong and a bus boy in San Francisco’s Chinatown

8:00 When I told my kids about my family secrets

10:30 My dad never came back

12:00 This journey was for me, going back to what the little girl went through

14:00 I chose the hardest story to tell my boys first

19:30 Panic attacks and faith

24:00 How do you explain PTSD to your spouse?

25:00 How to use ten minutes to lessen your anxiety

28:00 Meeting my dad again

Bonnie Gray is a soul care expert and host of a wellness podcast entitled Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast. Her latest and most personal book is Sweet Like Jasmine: Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness. 





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Arlene Pellicane

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