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Would your kids ever describe you as cranky?

Author Becky Kopitzke knows what it’s like to be a cranky mom, AKA the “Momster.”  She’s here to help us tame our inner momster with Biblical wisdom and time-tested tips so we can experience more peace at home.  In today’s practical conversation, you’ll learn:

2:30 Who is the momster? 

5:00 What are triggers we can identify before we get cranky with our kids? 

8:30 How do you take things off your schedule if you’ve over-programmed your family? 

13:00 Good moms take care of their kids, great moms take care of themselves also 

16:30 How did you change from being the cranky mom?  How did you stop yelling at your kids?

19:00 The process for repairing the relationship with your child after an argument 

Becky Kopitzke is wife, mom of two, author, speaker, and writing coach. She’s the author of three books including Cranky Mom Fix: How to Get a Happier, More Peaceful Home by Slaying the “Momster” in All of Us. Learn more about Becky on her website.




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