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Stacey Morgan kissed her husband goodbye before he donned his space suit and headed to his Soyuz rocket headed for the International Space Station.  What’s it like having a husband in space?  Based on her new book, The Astronaut’s Wife, Stacey will share how you can choose hope in the face of fear, and prepare for any mission or adventure life throws at your family.  You’ll laugh as she confesses that prior to her hubby become an astronaut, everything she knew about space she learned from Tom Hanks.

On the interview:

1:30 My husband never planned to be an astronaut…

5:00 Welcome to the Cosmodrone 

10:00 Countdown to space 

15:00 How to overcome that fear of losing your loved one 

18:00 Being the rookie mom – how to make new friends when you feel excluded 

22:00 An unusual and wonderful way to help single parents 

27:00 Keeping in touch when you’re physically separated (calls to the International Space Station) 

31:00 What have your kids picked up about faith and adventure?  

Stacey Morgan is always ready with a funny or thoughtful story from her own life; whether it be holding down the home front during military deployments, working for the Smithsonian, skydiving, or blasting  her husband into outer space. Stacey is on staff with MOPS International, a nonprofit focused on the unique needs of mothers around the world. She and her husband, Army colonel and NASA astronaut Drew Morgan, have four children.  Learn more in her book The Astronaut’s Wife. 



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Arlene Pellicane

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