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This week, I get to interview Larry the Cucumber of Veggie Tales – which had me just a little bit EXCITED!!!!

If you’ve ever watched Veggie Tales with your kids, you have seen Larry the Cucumber.  The voice of Larry and co-creator of Veggie Tales, Mike Nawrocki, is here to help us share Bible stories with our kids consistently and creatively.  He and Amy Parker have a new children’s book, The Bible for Me – Bible Stories and Prayers that you are going to love.  Plus Larry the Cucumber makes an appearance (and another special Veggie Tales guest).

Today you’re going to learn:

3:00 How old do kids need to be to start understanding Bible stories? 

7:00 Reading versus watching animation 

7:46 Regardless of how great a film or TV show is, it can never do justice to a well written book.  

8:10  Book suggestions to read with your older kids 

9:10 How do you raise a child who loves reading? 

12:20 The connection between what your child is watching and worldview 

17:00 The Bible and learning it for a lifetime 

19:00 How can we foster creativity in kids 

22:00 Advice for kids who are interested in being a voice actor 

Learn more about Mike Nawrocki’s new book, The Bible for Me – Bible Stories and Prayers

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Arlene Pellicane

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