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How can we prepare our kids to live Biblically in a secular and hostile world? Daniel shows us the way – he’s a young man who pre-decided to follow God at great risk.  If you need some courage to live differently – especially when it comes to social media, YouTube, and devices – Arlene has encouragement and a challenge for you and your kids.  In Arlene’s message, you’ll learn:

3:30 Digital vegetables vs digital candy 

6:00 Did you know how TikTok watches you? 

14:30 Why eating the king’s food was such a big deal to Daniel 

17:00 I will not watch anything that will defile me 

21:30 How Daniel was crushing it on his vegetable diet (when you pre-decide for God, you’re blessed!)

24:00 How social media manipulates through the like button 

30:00  It’s good to be different

Maybe it’s time for 10 day social media or video game fast.  You can join your kids and do a fast together.

Need more digital vegetables and less digital candy?  Join Arlene’s Screen Kids Masterclass and read her book co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman, Screen Kids.

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Arlene Pellicane

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