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Over a half a million readers have joined the journey of Instagram sensations Ashley and Dino Petrone (Arrows and Bow). They share the adventures, mishaps, and joys of marriage and parenting through the lens of interior design. In their debut book, Designed to Last, you’ll hear about their experience living in a 800 square foot trailer with their family of five. In today’s fun interview, you’ll hear:

2:30 How they rushed into marriage – thanks to their moms

4:00 Ashley: “I had no idea I married a gamer.”

5:50 What if dad is playing video games with the kids and mom is concerned about it?

8:10 Wives, instead of nagging, do this…

11:55 How did you go from obsession to moderation when it comes to video games?

14:35 Why did you move your family of five into an RV?

16:30 Was it hard to sell all your things?

17:50 How did your kids like living in the RV? What did they think about having just a few things each?

19:00 After moving out of the RV, how did you keep the same close family vibe going?

21:00 Why the Instagram name Arrows and Bow?

22:00 Advice for the aspiring mom entrepreneur

25:00 How do you complement each other in business and in life?

25:50 Social media as a business, but not as something we want our kids on

28:40 Our rhythms to keep social media in check

Ashley and Dino Petrone have been married since 2006 and make their home in Florida with their four kids (baby added since the RV!). Ashley began her popular Instagram account @ArrowsandBow as a way to document her home-design journey. Dino is a senior engineer and Ashley is a full-time mom, blogger, and interior designer. Visit them online at arrowsandbow.com

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Arlene Pellicane

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