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Moms can have lots of questions for God.  Why are my kids facing certain challenges?  What college should my child attend?  How do I get my child to stop talking back?

When we can bring our honest requests to God and surrender outcomes to Him – there is freedom and an open invitation for God to do His best work.  In this special message in preparation for Mother’s Day, Arlene looks at the life of Hannah in the Old Testament.  What can we learn from her prayer of surrender?  Arlene will talk about:

2:00 When your child says, “Make me!” 

7:00 Living in a time of moral decay 

9:40 Showdown:  Hannah versus Penninah 

11:45 Moms should neither boast too much about their kids nor belittle them 

15:00 When you feel like you’re not enough 

20:00 Hannah prays a prayer that changes everything 

23:00 When you weep before God, He will comfort you 

24:00 Did you know there’s a physical difference between the tears you cry when chopping onions and the tears you cry when you are sad? 

25:00 How to rejoice even before your prayer is answered

32:00 Trusting God while you are waiting for God to fulfill His promises to your family

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Arlene Pellicane

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