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Renee Swope How would you like to let go of performance based parenting? Bestselling author Renee Swope is here to share from her latest book, A Confident Mom.  With many heart warming and relatable examples from her own life, you’ll learn how to focus on building character, not perfection, in the heart of your child.  We’ll talk about:

2:30 Ready to turn in your pink slip as a mom? 

4:20 How do you mine for gold in the heart’s of your children? 

6:50 When your child is mean, try this 

8:00 Engaging boys in devotionals – how to make it more interactive (you can use M&Ms) 

10:45 Apologizing to our kids when we are unkind 

12:50 When a younger brother is frustrated that he can’t do what older brother can do 

14:50 How do you encourage character in the lives of your adult children? 

19:00 How to support your kids’ career choices 

20:40 Adjusting your expectations as an adoptive parent, when your child has developmental delays 

26:00 A surprising (beautiful) moment in the carpool lane 

28:00 The Instagram reel versus real life

Renee Swope is an author, podcast host, and popular speaker. She’s the mom to three kids and lives in North Carolina.  Find out more about Renee and her book, A Confident Mom, at her website.

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Arlene Pellicane

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