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This is the perfect episode to help you understand your son and/or your husband better!

What are the 5 masculine instincts? This week’s guest, pastor and author Chase Replogle is here to explain what these instincts are and how to leverage them for good. In today’s conversation, we’re talking about:

3:00 What can we learn from Shakespeare’s stages of a man?

4:25 Instincts – are they good or bad?

6:00 The example of Cain and the instinct of sarcasm

9:30 How can we nudge our son to care instead of check out?

10:30 A working definition of humility: self-suspicion

14:30 What is C.S. Lewis talking about in the Abolition of Man when he refers to chestless men?

18:30 How can we make church more attractive for men? For boys?

22:00 Hunting for turkeys!

25:00 Men need adventures, extremes of too much adventure or too little (apathy)

27:00 The call of God on Samson’s life – the need to watch our spiritual lives carefully

Chase Replogle is a pastor and author of The 5 Masculine Instincts. He’s pastored the Bent Oak Church in Springfield Missouri for 10 years. He is the host of the Pastor Writer podcast, a native of the Ozark woods, and he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two kids. Find out more on his website.  

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