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Pornography is not what it used to be. Much more than just photos of unclothed adults, it’s more violent and prevalent than ever. How can you keep your kids safe online? Expert and author Dr. John Foubert is here to explain how pornography is affecting the brains, hearts and future families of children and teens. On today’s episode you’ll learn:

3:00 What is happening in a child’s brain when they see pornography?

4:50 Can a brain reset back to a healthy level after porn use?

5:20 Why is porn especially dangerous to tween and teens?

7:10 How soon do you talk to your kids about this subject?

10:20 From 2008-2011, exposure to kids under 13 rose from 14% to 49%

13:00 What do studies show between the link between porn and sexual violence?

15:00 How should you respond when you catch your child looking at pictures of naked people?

16:20 Did you know there is a link between porn and depression and anxiety?

18:00 The physical damages that happen to kids when they view porn

21:50 How to best talk with your kids about porn in a way they will want to listen to you

Today’s guest Dr. John Foubert is a thought leader who has testified before Congress and has been called on by the White House and the Pentagon about how to end sexual violence. He’s been a guest on CNN and NPR and is cited regularly in papers like the NY Times, US News and World Report, and the Washington Post. Dr. Foubert’s newest book is Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography – understanding the science, risks, and ways to protect your kids.

Learn more about Dr. John Foubert on his website. 

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Arlene Pellicane

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