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Life can be hard. Relationships are broken. Responsibilities are piled high. How can you grow closer to God instead of falling away during times of struggle? New York Times bestselling author Karen Ehman has a new devotional for women (co-authored with Ruth Schwenk) to help you connect with Jesus everyday. It’s called “Trusting God in All the Things.” In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

3:00 The difference between believing in God and trusting in Him

4:00 Ask this question to know if you’re having trouble trusting God

6:30 Practically speaking, how can you shift your trust in God?

7:30 When we are trying to manipulate outcomes for our kids, here’s a story to remember.

10:00 Key verses that will help you trust in God

14:50 How can you minister to your lonely daughter?

17:00 You might make the difference in bringing someone to Christ by befriending a neighbor

19:20 Lessons about soul control from the Psalms

20:45 About the “I Spy” journal

23:30 Ideas of spending time with God when you have kids and a crazy full schedule

Karen Ehman is a New York Times bestselling author with Proverbs 31 Ministries as well as a writer for Encouragement for Today, an online devotional that reaches more than four million women daily. She has authored eighteen books, including Keep It Shut. Married to her college sweetheart, Todd, she’s the mom of three adult children and two children-in-law, although she forgets which are which.

Learn more about Karen Ehman and her new devotional Trusting God in All Things on her website.

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