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Is video gaming helping or hurting your child?  If you’ve ever wondered if your son or daughter is addicted to video games, you must hear what Dr. Andrew and Julie Doan have to say.  How did Andrew, a bright John Hopkins-educated doctor, survive as an adult gamer playing 80-100 hours a week?  In today’s interview, you’ll discover: 

3:30 How do you define digital addiction?  Why are video games super attractive to kids? 

5:50 The difference between the video games of yesterday and today 

6:30 I was playing 80-100 hours a week and sleeping 2 hours a day…

8:50 How do you cope when your spouse is overusing media in a destructive way? 

11:30 The role of prayer in breaking this video gaming habit 

13:00 Kids growing up with a father who wasn’t present because of excessive game play 

15:00 The dramatic physical breakdown that Dr. Doan experienced because of gaming 

17:00 Guidelines for video gaming and kids at different ages, and warning 

Dr. Andrew Doan is the author of Hooked on Games.  He is an accomplished eye physician and surgeon with a doctoral degree in neuroscience from John Hopkins.  He speaks with medical and scientific authority on brain development and how digital media reprograms the brain.  His wife Julie is a registered nurse who is a digital media addiction specialist.  Learn more about Hooked on Games here.

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