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What if being an introvert wasn’t a struggle, but a superpower? Introverts are often told that they should act more outgoing like a brother or sister. Yet introverts come with a set of strengths that are very needed in our noisy world. Bestselling author (and introvert) Holley Gerth is here to help us nurture, champion, and understand the introverts in our lives. This introvert could be you! Sharing from her book, The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, you’ll learn the following in this listener favorite, encore presentation:

3:30 How did you know you were an introvert?

5:00 The differences in the brains of introverts and extroverts

7:45 What if you are married to an extrovert and you’re an introvert, or vice versa?

9:00 Speaking the love languages to an introvert (the volume is different!)

13:00 Learning how to be direct as an introvert

14:00 A helpful question: How can I love you well right now?

17:30 Does my child have at least one quality connection with someone? It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

20:00 Social media and the introverted child

21:00 What has helped you in struggling with anxiety?

24:00 The difference between solitude and isolation

Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, life coach, and podcaster with a Masters of Science Degree in counseling. She’s empowered more than a half million readers through her books like You’re Already Amazing and the topic of today’s conversation, The Powerful Purpose of Introverts.
Learn more about Holley on her website.

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