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How do you engage your sorrow when the world tells you it’s time to move on? Young widow Clarissa Moll shares her story of loss and the brutal truth about living with grief. Yet somehow she has found deep joy. In her book, Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief & Thriving After Loss, Clarissa points your heart towards hope. Whether you have lost someone through death or divorce, or you are experiencing a painful situation, this conversation will speak to you. You’ll learn:

3:00 How do you cope when your story is drastically different than you had hoped?

5:00 Receiving the tragic news of her husband’s death

7:30 Talking to kids about death with real words (not figures of speech)

10:00 How do you journey through your day with grief constantly showing up?

13:00 How to know when you need to reach out to others for help

17:20 The irony of her husband’s last book which was about the art of dying

22:00 How do you still find comfort after the cards and flowers of consolation have ceased?

23:50 Talking about the deceased with your kids in a healthy way

25:25 The heart compared to a classroom – a brilliant comparison

27:00 Your husband died – this didn’t destroy your faith. It strengthened it. How did this happen?

28:30 What happened to her wedding ring

Clarissa Moll (MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is an author, a podcaster, and the young widow of author Rob Moll. Clarissa’s writing has appeared in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, RELEVANT, Modern Loss, Grief Digest and more. Her husband’s first book, The Art of Dying, was released in April 2021 with Clarissa’s new afterword. Clarissa’s debut book is Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Walking with Grief and Thriving After Loss. Learn more about Clarissa on her website.

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